"Serial is not about the products, it is about the process of designing and manufacturing beautiful products that connect with people emotionally, through an innovative platform that follows contemporary fabrication and consuming trends; and how these goods reach the clients  locally at any place in the globe. Kind of a globalized local production".

Seki Stool

The Seki Stool (seki=seat) takes its aesthetic language from Japan’s simplicity and high quality craftsmanship.It aims to be a non protagonic object that creates an emotional connection as it is used.
The crack in the surface is an unexpected feature in a stool and it brings curiosity.
The angled surface comes from a straight surface that bends in the sitting pressure point, it intends to draw the silhouette of the body and create a feeling of surprise as you sense comfort and makes you  sit up straight.
The contrast between angles and rounded edges invites to feel and touch.