"What excites the most is to work with such progressive and daring minds. We are used to work with what we have to our reach, limited resources. This project started with a some sort of dystopian question and gave us the opportunity to express our vision of a scenario in which common barriers are teared apart and bring a new beautiful and even sensorial experience to whoever gets the design".



When we think about the word “cosmic” we imagine the Universe, an awesome thing but also unknown, we try to explore and discover what is inside it; that ́s what "Caelum Lamp" wants to represent. This is a floor lamp in which the light bulb and inside mirrors creates an optical illusion, so if you look through the lamp grids you will see infinite lights, like stars in a galaxy. It has also, in an abstract way, some aspects of a telescope shape that is related with the galaxy and observation of the universe, stars and lights. It has been designed for indoor use, in a living room, for example, it creates a pleasant and relax atmosphere, like if you were watching the sunrise or a starlight. Due to the simple forms the lamp can be modular and allow it to be designed taller or bigger depends on the user desires and necessities.